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Why LottoFun

We guarantee the best terms of cooperation and the most innovative lottery purchasing for our customers

  • worldwide

    25+ Worldwide Lotteries

    LottoFun offers the highest number of lotteries. Players can try to win all the most popular jackpots worldwide!

  • revenue

    Up to 40% Net Revenue Share

    LottoFun team wants you to convert your traffic direct to cash on your bank account. Earn up to 40% revenue shareread more

  • carryover

    No negative

    We want you to earn, that’s why we offer no negative carryover - you basically can only take profit.

  • payouts


    We guarantee fast payouts and clear cooperation. No hidden fees or delays in payments.

  • club

    Multimillionaire’s VIP Club

    Each ticket purchase will get our customers loyalty points, to receive future discounts.

  • payment


    LottoFun accepts all the most popular payment methods worldwide.

  • combo

    Combo Play

    Players can try multiple lotteries for a lower cost and higher chances of jackpot.

  • group

    Group Play

    Players can buy a share of a group ticket and play their lucky numbers for a lower cost.

  • promotions

    Multiple Promotions

    LottoFun offers discounts, promotions and multiple ways to play in our lotteries.

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Commission Plan

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    Up to 40% net revenue share

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    Up to €40
    in CPA

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    Customized Hybrids

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About Us

LottoFun is ultimate lottery experience, which provides players with a number of lotteries to be played at once.

We strive for the best possible customer service and most user-friendly system, all to make the game as enjoyable as possible. Our players can choose from a wide range of tickets and purchase methods. We offer single tickets, multidraws, combo deals and group play, all of which offering various benefits making the lottery experience even more exciting and profitable. It is also worth mentioning, that all tickets bought through our platform are insured! Join our program and start earning with us!